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I’d love to go to WordCamp US Nashville 2017!!!

I'd love to go to WordCamp US Nashville 2017!!! I would love for this opportunity to attend WordCamp Nashville, US 2017. I am a freelance web designer located in Milwaukee, WI. I have been building websites with WordPress and hosting my sites with BlueHost...

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Feeling Inspired

I love my life. When i learned to stop letting trivial ish throw me off my square I started winning. I've been winning just didn't appreciate those W's as much as I do now. Don't get it twisted I've also took super L's. I learned from them L's. Used them...

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Why Did I Start My Digital Marketing Agency? Part 2

Last week I started a ongoing blog post series explaining the ins and outs of starting my own digital marketing agency. This week's post will focus on the months leading up to deciding on what kind of company I was going to start and why I chose Digital Marketing. I...

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Why Did I Start My Digital Marketing Agency?

I started a digital marketing agency because I had to. I was in the parking lot of my children's school and ran into my brother. We hadn't seen each other in a while so we started talking about what we were both doing. I explained to him how I was hurt on the job and...

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Keep Your Website Fresh And Clean

Website Maintenance is a must!!! Finding time to work and make my own website better is always great. Although, I am never satisfied with the end product. Which is becoming a problem hahahah. I'm pretty happy with the homepage at the moment. Besides the white line in...

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Digital 1380 Press Release

  Digital 1380 a Digital Marketing Agency Helps Clients Obtain Online Presence MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Digital Marketing Agency Digital 1380 LLC. has announced that it has launched a new company designed to help clients and potential clients in the greater Milwaukee...

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